Masonry Contractors Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions

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We get a lot of questions regarding masonry, so we figured it’d be good to share some of the more frequently asked questions and their answers. It pays to know as much as you can learn about masonry before investing in an all-new construction, after all.

What are bricks made of?

Brick can be made from a few different materials, which accounts for superficial differences you may see in various types of brick. While they’re all a reddish color, different components like clay, sand, lime, and concrete can affect its specific shade.

What is the lifespan of a brick wall?

Tuckpointing is not a simple task, so you’re going to need to hire professionals. Professionals estimate the cost of a 20 sq. ft. wall to come out to roughly $500. You also want to note that different contractors may bill differently. In most cases, however, your price is going to begin around $5 for the first ten feet up. After 10 feet, scaffolding is required and can increase the cost of your project. The same goes for challenging or difficult-to-reach areas like chimneys. These specialized services require a great deal of maneuvering and climbing, which can double the price of your repairs.
There are also the different stages of the repair job to consider. The first stage is removing old mortar. Then they grind out mortar and add in the new. Some contractors bill differently for each of these stages, but it is generally safe to estimate between $500-$1000 for a standard project without any complications.

Brick masonry has an incredibly long lifespan. By most professional estimates, brick masonry can last for 100 years, although in many cases it can last for much longer, particularly if it is well cared-for.

Is brick construction an eco-friendly option?

Bricks are made primarily from clay and shale, which are extremely abundant natural resources. Because bricks last an incredibly long time, as well, far less waste is created when constructing buildings with masonry than with other resources.

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Do bricks lose their natural red color over time?

While older bricks will often have a different appearance from recently installed masonry, this is actually due to dirt rather than fading. Bricks don’t have any paint – their color is all-natural, which combats any kind of fading you might see with other materials.

Is it true that bricks are fireproof?

While no material is really truly ever fireproof, brick is among the most fire-resistant materials known in modern construction. Because it is made from non-combustible materials which are baked into rectangles at extremely high temperatures, brick masonry is incredibly durable in the face of high temperatures. Hopefully these questions and answers have been helpful. The more you know about brick masonry, the better your decisions will be when hiring contractors for your next project!