How often does your building need a masonry maintenance?

WHow often does your building need masonry maintenance?

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Brick is a common building material in the USA, thanks to its aesthetic appeal. It's not only sturdy but also energy efficient. Some brick buildings still maintain their structural integrity, yet they were built a long time ago.

This is because of the proper masonry maintenance that they get. For this reason, you might wonder how regular your building should get masonry maintenance so that you can get masonry contractors to inspect them.

Let's find out some masonry maintenance tips.

Checking your brick for water damage
When the rain pours on the bricks continuously, it causes water damage. Another reason that might cause water damage is rising damp. When water gets in contact with the ricks, it penetrates through the cracks and crevices.

The salts in moisture always remain in the bricks, causing further destruction. You can get contractors of masonry restoration in Chicago to help you check your bricks for water damage.

Tuckpointing the brick
Mortar joints of your brick building tend to be damaged or become weak. The process of filling them is what we call tuckpointing. In this process, contractors remove the damaged mortar and apply a fresh one in a layered process.

Brick buildings can last longer if you maintain them well by replacing damaged mortar joints. Professionals dealing with brickwork can help you in this process to keep the building strong.

Cleaning Bricks
Bricks get lodged with dirt after some time. The first step of maintaining your brick building is rinsing the outside wall with a garden hose that has a strong spray nozzle. Sometimes areas that receive less sunlight might also develop mold.
You can remove such mold and mildew using a gallon of water, bleach, and a bristled brush. Scrub the entire wall using the brush but avoid using a wire brush. You can as well look for contractors of masonry Chicago to do the whole exercise for you.

Replace the Lintels
Lintels are the horizontal concrete that runs above the doors and windows to safeguard the whole building's structural uprightness.

You need to replace them after every 5-10 years because when water seeps in the bricks, it causes them to deteriorate. A company that does brick repair can help you replace them with the right waterproofing seals.

Bricks are strong building materials that are known to last long. However, if you get professionals from Chicago dealing with masonry restoration, they can maintain them well to last longer.

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