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After over 30 years working with chimneys and masonry in Chicago, you can trust us with any construction or repair project you need. We take pride in our legacy of excellence and high-quality service throughout the greater Chicago area, so you can trust us to get the job done right every time. We work with only the best, most highly-qualified masonry contractors in Chicago to ensure the best service. That`s why we`re the number-one name in Chicago masonry and chimney work. We stand behind the quality of every job we do, so don`t hesitate - call us today for all your chimney construction and repair needs. fireplace installation chicago

Professional chimney repair in Chicago

As dedicated brick contractors in Chicago, we specialize in all kinds of chimney construction and repair. Our brick and stone chimneys offer a great range of benefits. For one thing, both brick and stone chimneys have that classic appeal. For both modern and vintage homes, a beautiful masonry chimney adds an air of elegance and class. They are also highly durable and can be modified with any kind of chimney liner to protect them for years to come. Our masonry contractors in Chicago can build them on your roof or on the side of your house, as well, depending upon your needs! masonry repair chicago

We can deal with any type of repair of your chimney

Although masonry chimneys are incredibly durable, at some point in their lifespan, they will need repairs. That`s why we offer affordable chimney repair in Chicago as well as installation. One of the most common jobs is repairing the chimney cap. If the top of your chimney (the chimney cap) becomes damaged, it can destroy your entire chimney. Let our masonry contractors in Chicago handle it before it gets to that point. We can also handle internal damage, including firebox repair and smoke chamber issues. While these jobs can get complicated, our crew has the tools and experience to handle any chimney repair in Chicago.